Sales Effectiveness Scorecard™

Customer Value Scorecard

Many feel that the Scorecard has helped them focus on core issues that were holding them back. Others have uncovered opportunities for significant short-term success. Answer these 10 simple questions to find out how you stack up.

Insight Sales Success Program™

Insight Sales Success Program

A proven program to increase sales. Everything your team needs to deliver a consistently valuable experience for immediate results. This 5-step Program defines the contact plan, call scripts, messages, insights and metrics to ensure success.

Insight Sales App™

insight sales app

Capture insights from calls and meetings in less than 20 seconds that provide data for sales effectiveness management. Accurately score opportunities and pipeline forecasts based on activity and feedback. Trigger optimal strategy recommendation.


We Help Salespeople Sell More. Effectively.

 What You Can Expect

  • More satisfied, loyal and profitable customer relationships
  • Precise data-driven sales effectiveness management
  • Successful and happy sales people

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