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The Insight Sales Discovery eBook™

Download your copy of The Insight Sales Discovery eBook and read how this important new approach will consistently deliver improvements in sales effectiveness. Customer discovery data is used to create accurate forecasts, align value and strategy and to increase sales effectiveness management
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Customer Value Worksheet

This Excel document will help you specify the current and potential value of your customer segments and forecast the impact of changes in share of wallet, retention and market share.
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Sales Pipeline Comparison

Now you can compare your current pipeline performance ratios with other companies who have been tracking their performance. We have aggregated this proprietary information for over 20 months.
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Sales Effectiveness Scorecard™

Many feel that the Sales Effectiveness Scorecard has helped them focus on core issues that were holding them back. Others have uncovered opportunities for significant short-term success. Answer these 10 simple questions to find out how you stack up.
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Sales Productivity Worksheet

This is an Excel document that you can use privately and securely. Forecast your revenue and determine the conversion ratios, customer attrition and sales productivity required to support your success.
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Market Potential Analysis

This is an Excel document that you can use privately and securely. It will help you define your key customer segments in the market, find out each segment's revenue potential, and calculate the share of wallet that they comprise. This worksheet will help direct strategies for revenue growth as you identify the most profitable segments.
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