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Raybec’s Insight Sales Strategies and programs have helped hundreds of companies increase revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Raybec’s Insight Sales Strategies create a uniform experience of value for customers and prospects and uses discovery data for accurate forecasts, alignment of content and strategy. This provides a data-driven framework for sales effectiveness management.

As a team we have extensive experience in sales, marketing, analytics and CRM. This allows us to offer unparalleled insight in the development of sales enablement solutions to increase your revenue.

Learn more about Raybec Insight Sales Strategies and how they can help your business improve sales process and performance.

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About Bob Beckerman

bob-beckerman-about.jpgFor over 40 years, Bob had been considered a pioneer in the areas of interactive marketing and strategic customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Bob was co-founder and president of Texcom Marketing, one of Canada's first interactive marketing companies. Texcom provided Fortune 500 companies innovative, insight-based marketing solutions and implemented hundreds of successful programs across North America.

In 1991, Bob founded Relationship Marketing Resources, which, for 10 years, was a recognized leader in the emerging CRM space. He spearheaded the development of innovative CRM technology and software solutions for organizations that were passionate about their customer relationships. His clients included Levis, London Life, Janssen-Ortho, Royal Bank, Bell Canada, Canadian Tire, and Harvard Business Review.

In 2000, Bob founded Raybec Communications to help organizations realize the untapped potential of their customer relationships. His wealth of CRM and marketing experience has been a driving force in Raybec's success.

Bob's experience spans financial services, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, not-for-profit, insurance, automotive and publishing. Bob holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.