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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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3-mistakes-to-avoid-in-your-lead-nurturing-campaignLead nurturing is a pre-determined series of communications that take place when a new lead engages with your company. It is aimed at encouraging the lead to take more progressive steps down the sales funnel. At the earliest stages of the sales life cycle, these campaigns are often automated.

Lead nurturing campaigns are useful, but it is easy to get carried away and make mistakes that hinder your success. Here are the three errors that are made in lead nurturing that reduce effectiveness.

1. Dumping all your Leads together

The mistake that many companies make when they begin to implement lead nurturing campaigns is to treat all leads in the same way and to shuffle everyone through the same process. Many of your leads will disconnect because there is not enough specific value of interest being delivered.

When you create a lead nurturing campaign, it is important that your offerings and engagements are as detailed and personalized as they can be to the interests of the individual. Your lead nurturing activities, when done right, can form the beginning of a meaningful relationship.

It is also important to capture key insight data from each lead. If all leads from various campaigns are lumped together, it is nearly impossible to vary the content so that it is relevant. Keeping your campaign lists separate will enable you to personalize with more impact.

2. Being Overly Promotional

When you are trying to shepherd leads through your sales funnel, it is easy to find your efforts are too promotional, but this must be avoided. When your lead nurturing efforts directly promote your business results will drop off dramatically.

Instead of giving in to the temptation push sales, your primary focus must be on teaching and providing value. When your lead engagement activity focuses on being of service, leads will be open to receive your messages and are more likely to return to your website and respond to other calls-to-action.

Another mistake is over-loading your leads with too much communication. It is important not to overdo it, even if you feel that you are providing value. You will quickly turn off the interest of the lead without a balanced approach.

3. Not Using Feedback or Insight Data

Another common mistake companies make when they executing their lead nurturing is failing to use insights. It is important to create a detailed plan of all the important insights or feedback that will help you to understand the lead’s needs and interests and permit you to align content of value to them, and strategies of importance to you.

Before kicking off any new campaign, it is essential to plan what value are you presenting and how you are positioning it so that you can sensibly request input from the lead, either before or during the engagement. Make sure that it is easy to respond to and takes little time. Ensure that responses are data based and attributable to the individual lead so that they can be used for future customization.

Over time you will be able to see which insights contribute to higher conversion success and focus on the collection and use of these, as you put less emphasis on underperforming data. You will develop a unique process for relationship building and value creation that is proprietary to your company.

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