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3 Reasons Lead Nurturing is Key to Customer Value

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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3-reasons-lead-nurturing-is-key-to-customer-valueTo achieve top results in sales you should be doing all you can to make meaningful connections with your leads. This includes lead nurturing from the moment a lead enters the sales pipeline so that you can create value that culminates in sales, while ensuring that time spent in lead nurturing is efficient. Following are three reasons why lead nurturing is essential to building lasting customer value and an expanding sales base.

1. Lead Nurturing Allows You to Stay in Contact and Build a Foundation of Value

Laying a foundation for customer value while engaging a lead or prospect in the sales conversion process does not happen all at once. With lead nurturing, sales people can build value over time, often in ways that are more meaningful to the lead than a one-time information session during a pitch or presentation. The key to building a foundation of customer value relies on an unending focus on delivering lead value. ..

  • Create lead engagement that disrupts their current thinking by introducing risks they were unaware of, unknown opportunities or perspectives that are interesting and educational.
  • Plan your lead nurturing activity so that personalized value can be incorporated for each lead.
  • Following the adage of what gets planned gets done. Schedule lead nurturing activities as part of your regular sales routine. Follow prospect queues such as opening and response rates in determining the frequency of your contacts.
  • Avoid automating your lead nurturing and follow up activities as much as possible; a personal response will always cultivate better response than a generic one.

2. Nurturing Leads Allows Leads to Connect Through Multiple Channels

Making a strong connection with a lead is the first step in truly engaging that lead with your sales pipeline. Every lead is different, and will have different preferences of outreach over others. If you are using a multi-channel approach to lead nurturing, you are giving your leads an opportunity to choose how, when, and where to connect with you, which builds customer value by both the ease of making that connection and the flexibility inherent to this approach.

Additionally, multi-channel lead nurturing allows you to share different value propositions with leads using a variety of different media according to the access point. By providing value not only through phone and e-mail but also through social media, document sharing, and web applications, you can diversify the engagement while maintaining a cohesive and integrated contact plan.

3. Leads Naturally Progress Through the Sales Cycle with Value Nurturing

If you are successfully nurturing your leads, your leads will progress through the sales cycle naturally, building interest as you build value until the time is right to ask for the sale. By definition a lead is a potential customer who is not yet ready to buy, but could be if the right conditions are created. However, many leads drop out of the sales cycle prematurely; this is not always because the lead is not qualified to buy. In many cases, a lead dropping out of the sales cycle simply loses contact. Lead nurturing prevents that by:

  • Keeping leads engaged with effective sales messages and value by sharing relevant information in short, easy to assimilate bursts.
  • Giving leads a reason to stay in contact by virtue of the value foundation created early in the lead nurturing cycle.
  • Making the plan and path to action clear for leads who are ready to move on to the next step.

When deployed as part of a comprehensive sales plan, lead nurturing can create substantial customer value. Lead nurturing also prevents ‘lead leakage,’ when otherwise qualified leads drop out of the sales pipeline. Incorporate lead nurturing as part of your approach to building customer value to realize concrete sales results.

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