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5 Ways of Delivering Customer Value

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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5-ways-of-delivering-customer-valueCustomers perceive value differently during the sales process. Your new business efforts must provide value just as your products and services do after sale. If a sales associate is attempting to engage their leads without providing appropriate value, their communication will sound like a sales pitch and will be rejected.

It is essential that your sales engagement provides value in exchange for time, attention, and consideration. So how can your team provide value at each step of the sales cycle? Here are five ways to unlock your team’s ability to find ways to deliver.

1. Give an Outsider’s Perspective

Sometimes an impartial observer, or someone that is not invested in the outcome, can see things more clearly. Your team should be looking for ways to use that outside perspective to give their leads some insight or help to solve a problem they are facing. Sometimes that detachment will open a new way for your customer to look at their business and teach them something of value in the process. Find ways to deliver unique industry research before it becomes common knowledge. You will start to be perceived as experts who are delivering new perspectives of value.

2. Tie Everything to Their Business Strategy

Understanding your customer’s business strategy might give your team the framework to find and present tools and services to support them more effectively. When your associates consistently tie their engagement back to the customer’s business strategy, they are sure to deliver relevant value.

3. Business Model Changes

Business models are constantly evolving, often faster than most people’s ability to stay informed. When your team is up-to-the-minute with the latest in the industry, they can be the expert that introduces new ideas for consideration to your customers. When your team stays on the cutting edge, they elevate their sales process to the level of teacher and advisor.

4. Understanding Niches

When your team knows your market inside and out, they begin to develop a sense of specific segments and niches. Minor changes in strategy and language will go miles in making them more relevant and focused. They will sound like an ‘insider’, who understands the nuances of the business. Buyers will be more comfortable sharing key insights with them, which leads to a better alignment of solution and value.

5. Audience Insights

Any time that you can teach your customers something new about their customers you are sure to be providing them with value. Every sales and marketing department is trying to get inside the heads of their customers. If your team can provide valuable insights about your customer’s audience and market, they will be positioned for success.

When your team consistently provides value with every engagement, their performance will increase dramatically. Customers do not want to hear from sales people, but they are always interested in important updates about their industry. They are not usually excited to hear a sales presentation, but they may be open to a webinar that will help them implement a crucial part of their business strategy.

Providing customer value is a job that never ends. The moment that any business tries skating by without delivering value is the day they start to become obsolete. You are in business to make money, and will succeed to the extent that you create and deliver value before and after the sale.

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