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Getting The Most Out Of Hubspot CRM And Sidekick

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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Getting the most out of Hubspot CRM and Sidekick - Raybec

Most organizations have made the important shift to inbound marketing. If you are on the Hubspot platform here are a couple of important considerations to help you convert your inbound leads effectively.


Map your sales process with Hubspot CRM

The most important strategy in effective lead conversion is implementing a sales strategy that is well thought out and consistently delivered.  On the inbound side, we structure and deliver optimal experiences based on the persona and the current state of development/engagement with each contact.


Most sales processes do not take full advantage of this inbound construct. The opportunity/pipeline stages do not clearly define the experience to be delivered (our inbound workflows), the insights to uncover (our inbound downloads, page visits and form data tracking), or have specific gating criteria from stage to stage (our inbound scoring and qualification).


Take advantage of the knowledge that has been developed by your inbound process by formulating sales support for key segments/personas. Give the sales reps support assets that are to be delivered in each stage. Give them contact plans that nurture the relationship and delineate the feedback that is to be uncovered to allow further strategy alignment.


The Hubspot Deals section is a great visual representation of where your opportunities are in the pipeline. However, they do not directly support sales workflows. Here is an example of a Contact Plan field to track initial attempts to get in touch with a qualified inbound lead:


  • Call 1: Day 1
  • Email 1: Day 1
  • Call 2: Day 4
  • Email 2: Day 4
  • Call 3: Day 9
  • Email 3: Day 15
  • Hubspot nurturing twice monthly for 3 months
  • Call 4: Day 105
  • Email 4 Day 108


It is important to use Sidekick to provide all emails and attachments to ensure ease of execution for your sales reps and so that your defined experience is consistently delivered. You should also load into Sidekick your objection handling scripts, your call scripts and voicemails that want your reps to use.


By mapping the expected experience in this fashion you have established a baseline that can be measured and will provide a framework for continuous improvement. We will post some helpful hints on tracking these key metrics in future blogs (or you call me to discuss).


Use lead insights for sales effectiveness improvement

Work with your group to determine the key discovery insights that are to be uncovered throughout your sales stages. These should be set-up as data for easy updating by your sales people after their calls and meetings. This data can now be used for accurate sales forecasting, strategy and value alignment, discovery management, and sales effectiveness coaching.


Please review our eBook on the Insight Sales Process™ for detailed information on this area of sales management and improvement.


Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Sales Integration

Working with the Hubspot Inbound and CRM platforms offers you a unique opportunity for a seamless handoff from marketing to sales. The lead should experience nothing out of the ordinary - except the continuous delivery of value and responsiveness from your company. Your sales reps will have the added support of seeing if and when emails are read, what pages are being visited, and can have an accurate understanding of how well they are delivering value. They will also have an accurate estimate of closing the sale and have a process for self-improvement.


I will post more blogs on this topic if they are of interest. (Comment below.) Please email or call me to discuss your particular situation.


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