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How Lead Nurturing Increases Customer Value

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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how-lead-nuturing-customer-valueProper lead nurturing can make the difference between hitting and missing your sales targets. Lead nurturing is one of the most powerful processes you can provide to your sales team. Done correctly, lead nurturing provides your team with a steady stream of qualified prospects. Done incorrectly or, worse yet, not done at all, and lead nurturing can derail your entire sales process. Here are three reasons why lead nurturing increases customer value and improves your sales productivity.

Better Prospects

Lead nurturing ensures that prospects who reach your sales team are highly qualified and motivated to buy. Inbound marketing allows prospects to find their own path from interested to invested. By focusing marketing efforts on individual buyer personas, it's possible to appeal to the interests of your ideal buyers. Your potential customers will be able to see the value your company can offer them. They'll naturally gravitate toward your products, moving farther into the sales funnel at their own pace.

Perfect Timing

A prospect who moves too quickly through the sales funnel is likely to bounce at the most intensive, and expensive, point. If a sales prospect ends up meeting with your sales team too soon, it will take a lot more time and effort to demonstrate value to them. There's a good chance that the prospect will bounce out of the sales funnel, wasting all of the time and energy expended by your marketing and sales personnel.

Proper lead nurturing moves prospects through the sales funnel at the correct pace. By the time they meet with your sales team, prospects will already know and understand the value you offer. With most of the heavy lifting finished, your sales team simply needs to reinforce the value proposition, and close the deal.

Never Stop Nurturing

Of course, closing the deal shouldn't end the relationship. Nurturing a customer after the sale can increase their satisfaction, and lead to more sales in the future. Providing them with content related to their purchase, or related to other needs they may have, establishes your long-term value to the customer.

Instead of seeing your business as a one-time vendor, they can start to see you as a trusted advisor and partner. A steady supply of good, related content will ensure that the customer sees value in doing business with you. Lead nurturing lets you continue to build on that value, establishing a long-term relationship with your customers. In these days of waning customer loyalty, lead nurturing can help keep your customers coming back for more.

Nurturing and Value

Lead nurturing and customer value go hand in hand. Without nurturing, your sales team will spend most of their time trying to demonstrate value to your customers. With nurturing, that part of the process is already completed by the time a prospect meets with your sales team. With proper nurturing, your team will spend more time closing deals, and less time proving that they're worth dealing with.

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