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How Sales Technology Can Make Your Salespeople More Productive

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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how-sales-technology-can-make-your-sales-people-more-productiveSales technology has made sales people more productive than ever before, and new innovations are constantly becoming available that could benefit your sales team's productivity. Sales managers should be aware of breakthroughs in sales technology not only for increased productivity, but for the competitive advantages that early adoption of new sales technology can gain for their organizations. Following are just a few of the ways that sales technology can make your sales people more productive.

Sales Technology Can Pre-Qualify Leads

Pre-qualifying leads is important since it allows your sales people to focus on the leads who have the authority, readiness, and budget to buy. There are several sales technology tools available that can pre-screen leads according to parameters set by an individual sales person or his or her organization, which allows the sales person viewing leads to set priorities and pursue the most promising avenues to new business. These pre-qualification tools are generally easy to use and adopt to the sales process.

Sales Technology Can Pre-Fill Sales Proposals and Other Important Documents

Sales people spend a lot of time on administrative tasks, and in fact in many sales departments this is an area where all sales people would like to reduce their time so as to be able to focus on the business of selling. Sales technology can help by providing applications that pre-fill important documents, working between document templates and already existing prospect and customer databases to reduce the administrative workload for your sales people. The benefits of sales technology for pre-filling include:

  • More accurate business documents. Especially when numbers are involved, no one wants to see an error. By taking data directly from verified databases, pre-filling sales technology helps reduce unwanted typos and errors in transposition.
  • More time to focus on bottom line sales activities. Sales people are grateful for every advance in productivity that allows them to focus on direct selling.
  • Better tracking of sales activities. When sales technology applications are working together, documents can be automatically uploaded and saved so important files never go 'missing'.

Sales Technology Can Help Manage the Sales Cycle

Sales technology is inherently useful for preventing lost or dropped leads and prospects. In fact, many customer relationship management systems have built in sales technology to warn sales people and sales managers of leads and prospects that are in danger of becoming stale, which is the first step to a lead or prospect dropping out of the sales pipeline. If you are not already using sales technology in this line, check to see if your customer relationship management system could be working harder for you and your sales team:

  • Examine the possibilities for early alerts set on parameters measuring the time between contacts according to where the prospect is in the sales cycle.
  • Analyze whether your customer relationship management system can send automated reminders to sales people to reach important milestones in the sales cycle based on your ideal selling timelines.
  • Check into ways of integrating your customer relationship management system with existing databases, including e-mail, to realize time savings and efficiency through sales technology.

Sales Technology Can Encourage Sales People to Self-Monitor

As a sales manager or executive you spend a lot of time monitoring your sales people's activities. Using sales technology can reduce the time that you spend on this task by encouraging your sales reps to self monitor. By training your sales reps on how to analyze their activities, spot trends, and correct issues you can develop a more productive sales force. Remember, to make your sales people more productive sales technology must not only be implemented, but useful to the tasks that your sales people perform. Training your sales people on how to maximize productivity with the tools that they have available ensures that the sales technology in which your organization invests achieves its ends.

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