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How to Attract the Best Sales Representatives to your Company

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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How to Attract the Best Sales Representatives to your CompanyIn a perfect world, companies would take recent graduates right out of college, train them to be the perfect sales people, and have them work at their company for life. However, in the real world, it seldom works that way. Attracting the best sales representatives to your company is one of the most important elements of building an effective sales team.

Great sales representatives provide far more than just their experience in meetings with clients and closing deals. They lift the overall level of professionalism and expertise of your entire sales force to a higher level. They will be able to impart their wisdom and expertise to the rest of your team, and help refine and improve your existing sales process. The following are a few tried and true ways to attract the best sales representatives to work for your team.


Financial incentives

Financial incentives are usually not enough to attract the best sales people. While a high salary and robust compensation plan are obviously important to all sales people (top sales people included), they usually want something more than simply money; which, more often than not, they will be able to get from any company they choose to work for. Nevertheless, it is important to be competitive with similar companies that might be offering jobs to that top sales tier, so that you are not immediately out of the running. Beyond that, however, most top sales representatives will look for something unique or truly beneficial to their long-term career goals.


Opportunity to grow

Some of the top sales people are true believers; they want to be in sales for their entire career and don't ever want to leave the hustle and bustle of the sales grind. However, most sales people, especially the true go-getters, want to grow beyond being sales people at the company they commit to. Offering opportunities to grow with the company, including stock options, promotions, and the promise of participating in the growth of a fast-growing company, can all be significant incentives for an aspiring sales person.


Effective sales process

One thing that many experienced sales people look for is a company that has an effective and proven sales process. For sales people that have worked at a company with a less than stellar sales model, they understand firsthand how a subpar sales process can handicap their ability to be successful. Having an effective sales process is not only a great way to attract the best sales repsentatives, but also helps increase sales as a whole.

When interviewing a potential top sales performer, it is typically in your best interests to explain your sales process, so they know exactly what to expect if they decide to join your team. Having a well-developed and proven sales process can be a major draw for a sales person who has experienced poor sales models at previous jobs. The Insight Sales Process™ is one example of a proven sales model that can help give a potential sales team member a sense of what working on the team will be like. If you are hiring a sales person who has experience poor sales model, read: Retraining Your Sales Team To Increase Sales.


There are plenty of other ways to attract the top sales representatives. However, the suggestions listed above are a great place to start. When courting sales representatives, the key is to assuage any possible concerns they may have about your sales process, and give them a sense that working for your team will be a lucrative and long-term opportunity for them. If you have any other suggestions for the best way to attract sales members, let us know in the comments below!

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