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Becoming Sales Effectiveness Experts

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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You need to increase sales performance to meet your aggressive sales targets. You have put the team through sales training - again - and have pushed hard on increasing activity. Now what?

The only way to improve sales performance is to ensure the consistent delivery of your sales process and develop the key sales insights that are required for continuous improvement of that process. Sounds like a tall order but here are a few key strategies that will help you create the framework for sales success.


sales-performance-Raybec-web1.jpgsales-performance-Raybec-2.jpgAn Optimal Definition of Your Sales Process

Think about your sales process as the vehicle to deliver value. It is an opportunity to share insights and learning with prospects and customers. This engagement increases the level of trust and enhances the sharing of key discovery feedback that is used to align strategy, content and further value. This process will increase your sales performance.

For each opportunity stage define:

  - The engagement process and sales contact plan
  - The value that you will offer
  - The sales discovery insights that are to be uncovered
  - Stage conversion expectations
  - Key criteria for stage gating

This becomes a very robust sales experience map that is customer-centric. With this engagement, your sales people will be considered caring, helpful and responsive. Prospects will like them, trust them and want to do business with them.


Create Insight Discovery Data to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Most organizaitons have their sales people track prospect feedback in CRM notes. This information is not easily accessable. Here is the single most important change to help increase your sales performance: Define your Insight Sales Discovery Insights, capture customer response as data and use this new data set for sales management, coaching and forecasting.

We have published eBooks and blogs on how to weight the questions and score the responses to create pinpoint opportunity forecasting. Also, by reviewing the Discovery Completeness Score you will be able to see sales process compliance as well as gaps in specific stage discovery. You now have data for sales effectiveness management.


Focus on Delivering Value - The Sales Will Come

These changes will help your sales people focus on delivering customer value. Your new insight discovery data will help you see when opportunities are rushed through your sales stages and when they have been promoted too slowly. Most importantly, you will be developing insights that provide a framework for customer value delivery, sales effectiveness coaching and accurate forecasting.

We must become sales effectiveness experts in order to succeed.

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