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How The Insight Sales Discovery Process Leads to Better Sales Performance

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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How to Increase Sales by Turning Your Sales Reps Into an Insight Sales Team  The Insight Sales Discovery Process™ is perhaps the single biggest change you can make to to quickly improve the sales performance of your team. It is a systematic and data-driven approach to achieving better discovery, accurate foreacasts and alignment of strategy and value with customer feedback.

Most importantly, it provides visibility on the factors that need improvement in each opportunity stage to coach your rep's sales effectiveness.

Gaining the benefits of the Insight Sales Discovery Process™ takes more than simply an executive decision on your part. Every experienced sales manager understands that any sales process will only prove effective if the team itself buys-in and invests their own time and effort into it. Here are some key perspectives to ensure that you develop an excited, well trained and successful Insight Sales Discovery Team.

Have a formal launch that engages your team

Transitioning your sales team to the Insight Sales Discovery Process™ should start with a “kickoff” meeting, where the benefits can be discussed. Develop your Insight Sales Panel Development together, reviewing key customer feedback and expected responses. This exercise reinforces the importance of delivering value at each stage to build trust and help stimulate engagement.

Set the expectation that every member of the sales team is part of this new and evolving process that will deliver continuous improvement in their sales performance. Discuss how this new data will help them understand their discovery and process completeness as well as generating accurate forecasts.

Develop your Insight Sales Panel™ together

The Insight Sales Discovery Process™ is fully customized to reflect your objectives and the unique value and brand promise that differentiates your organization. The Insight Sales Panel is the set of unique insights or feedback that is to be uncovered at each stage of the sales process. It is important that your team is involved in establishing your Insight Sales Panel so that everyone has a sense of ownership and the opportunity to influence the sales process that will determine their success. 

Their involvement will ensure that they understand, at a fundamental level, the value to deliver and the key insights to gather in the discovery process as well the most effective strategies to implement in each scenario. Their participation will make them far more effective and accountable.

Data to drive tailored response and strategy

Even the most experienced and successful sales representatives can improve by having prompts to ensure that they have not missed any key information in their discovery (see How to Improve Discovery on the First Call) and by having a clearer picture of their successful and less successful behaviours. The ongoing collection of insights triggers a best-case response and strategy. This helps provide guidelines to everyone from the newest to the most experienced sales representatives.

Use your insight data to improve sales performance

The Insight Sales Process™ does more than just provide your team with an effective way of delivering a consistent experience of value. It also sets up quantifiable and reliable metrics with which to judge the success or failure of each individual member of the team, as well as the team in its entirety. By involving the entire team in the creation of this sales process, there will be a high level of transparency regarding what is expected of each sales representative. And best of all you will have baseline metrics for continuous learning and improvement.

Here is The Bottom Line - Involving your sales team in the creation of your company’s unique Insight Sales Process™ is not just recommended, it is essential.



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