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Retraining Your Sales Team To Increase Sales

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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retraining-your-sales-team-to-be-more-effectiveSales is a unique profession. There are few jobs that require an individual to possess the level of product knowledge, finesse, and innate understanding of the human psyche as high-level sales. As a result, it can sometimes seem as though each salesperson must develop his or her personal methods and style. This brings a difficult question to any manager of a large sales team: how do I improve the performance of my sales team without destabilizing the very attributes that make them successful in the first place?

The other problem that sales managers face is the fact that many salespeople, particularly those who have a lot of experience, tend to resist changes to their sales methods, and are skeptical about “suggestions” their managers offer to them (even if they don’t outwardly express this skepticism).

The importance of sales training

Despite the challenges mentioned above, the reality is that sales teams almost always have room for improvement. There are always weak points in the sales process that can be bolstered, and there are usually sub-optimal strategies being used by at least some members of the sales team. It is the job of a good sales team manager to prove the value of a new system, so that their sales team not only follows new processes, but also genuinely takes them to heart.

Introduce your sales team to the Insight Sales Process

One of the most important attributes about insight selling is that it is almost entirely based in hard, quantifiable data. In fact, the entire Insight Sales Process™ is based on the concept of turning previously qualitative information into quantitative information. Make sure both you and everyone on your sales team understand this when you introduce it to them. When introducing the Insight Sales Process™ to your team, you should also stress the fact that each individual sales rep will be able to see, in a newly quantified framework, exactly how much better they are doing on an individual and team basis as a result of the new sales methods they are utilizing.

At the same time, be straightforward with your team about the transition to using the Insight Sales Process™. Be upfront with them about the fact that there will be some initial work involved in creating your unique Insight Sales Panel™, as well as adjusting to the new way of tracking information during the sales process.

Involve your sales team in the creation of your Insight Sales Panel™

One great way to make the transition to the Insight Sales Process™ even smoother is to have your sales team directly involved in the creation of the Insight Sales Panel™ and Insight Sales Index™. While management at your company might want to have some say in which metrics are tracked, you should utilize the experience and expertise of your sales team as well. In addition to the benefit of insight your sales team can provide when developing the panel and index, you will give you team a sense of genuine involvement and buy-in to the program. Your sales team should feel as though they are helping shape the new sales process, especially since they will be the ones actually using and generating the information out in the field. Ultimately, insight selling, just like any other sales process, requires a sales team that understands the specific benefits and can see the direct benefit the process will have in increasing their sales effectiveness.

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