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Sales Efficiency Is Much More Than Stuffing the Sales Funnel

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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sales-efficiency-sales-funnelWhat comes to mind when you think of sales efficiency? Perhaps a sales funnel full of leads that your sales reps work smoothly through the sales funnel until they close. There’s nothing wrong with this outcome. It’s certainly a nice image. It does not, however address any improvement in sales effectiveness or productivity.

Sales Efficiency Lies in the Discovery Process

The discovery process is the single most important part of the sales process. David Brock – Partners in Excellence, says that, “if executed well, it is where the customer lays out the road map for how the sales person can win the deal.” How does this translate for your organization? How are you ensuring that your team is getting the most out of this key stage of development? More importantly, how do you ensure that your customers are getting the full value that you can be delivering?

You Need To Measure It

Discovery insights need to be measured and organized to deliver more valuable experiences. This process also has the potential to increase sales, generate more accurate forecasts and improve sales efficiency.

Before you can measure your Discovery Insights™ you need to define them by stage. While you are doing this it is helpful to outline the most likely answers and your best response to each. This exercise alone will be quite valuable for developing a standard approach for your team

Two key measurements to create with your new discovery insight data are a Discovery Completion Score and an Insight Sales Score. The former will indicate the completeness of the discovery by stage and is used to manage stage conversion effectiveness. The latter is used to accurately forecast your pipeline performance.

Get Started—Uncover Your Most Valuable Sales Asset

Get started by developing:

  • Key insights for each stage
  • A weighting of importance for each insight
  • Expected answers to all insights
  • A score for all answers to each question
  • Your Insight Sales Score™
  • Your Discovery Completeness Score™

This is about implementing a process that helps your sales reps create consistent and meaningful experiences of value. With the capture and use of your discovery insights you will generate more accurate forecasts and increase your sales effectiveness and outcomes.

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