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The Best Sales Call Ever!

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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Have you ever had a review discussion with one of your salespeople that starts out, “I just had the best call!” As you proceed to ask what it was all about you hear things like: 

  • There is absolutely no way we don't get this deal!

  • They really liked me!

  • They are so ready to buy!

  • We are a shoe-in!

In their enthusiasm, salespeople may relate more to the emotions they were feeling during a call than to the realities of what actually happened. As sales managers, we need to filter the description of what the salesperson describes as having happened, to what really took place. Then without dampening their elation, provide meaningful coaching to support their success.

Let’s define your best sales call

One useful exercise is to ask your team to describe a great sales call. Don’t provide too much structure for this discussion and listen carefully. Before you start, try to answer the question yourself so that you can be more strategic in managing the process.

You might consider some of these attributes for your best sales call:

  • The customer felt that we really helped them out.
  • The customer says that there is great value in our approach and we set up our next meeting to continue the discussion.
  • The customer thanked me for the call and said that it changed the way that they are looking at their business.
  • They want to have us provide further strategy and perspective over the next few weeks.

The first step in defining your best sales process

As you get consensus on defining the best sales call you start to see that you have the ingredients to parlay this into a sales process discussion by asking:

  • What experiences do we need to deliver to get that reaction
  • How do we know we are delivering value
  • How are we are building trust
  • How do we ensure that key discovery insight data are shared with us

Now start to map this out by opportunity pipeline stage and you will have a robust sales process to review. You can use a chart similar to this one.


This is a customer-centric pipeline that is focused on delivering a consistent experience of value to customers and prospects to build trust and uncover the discovery insights needed for value and strategy alignment. It increases sales performance and provides a process for effectiveness coaching. If your discovery insights are captured it can also be used to create pinpoint accurate sales forecasting. 


Give me a call to share your experience with this type of process or to discuss your particular situation. You can find more information in our eBook, click below.


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