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3 Ways to use the Insight Sales Process™ to increase sales performance

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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insight-sales-process-sales-performanceIf you've been following this blog for any length of time, you're likely familiar with the Insight Sales Process. Many of you have utilized the Insight Sales Process to create measurable and significant improvements to your team's sales performance and productivity. Insight Selling delivers value in several important areas, such as accurate forecasting, discovery management, and sales process tracking. Today, we are sharing 3 ways to use the Insight Sales Process to increase your sales performance.


Track Insight Discovery Data™ to Correct Specific Weaknesses

Every experienced sales person is familiar with the discovery process, and its critical importance to sales success. Current methodology is to push customer feedback from discovery into CRM notes. The data is lost for analysis and is not easily referenced for insight or management. The Insight Sales Process captures discovery data by stage and reveals, in real time, how to correct process gaps and improve performance.


For example, if a sales person is underperforming while converting sales calls to meetings, then the Insight Discovery Data for that stage will show - what value is not being effectively delivered, what areas of process are not being followed and, more importantly, customer response to sales behaviour. 


Use Insight Discovery Data™ for Pinpoint Accurate Forecasts

Forecasts based on opportunity stage provide unreliable results. Subjective sales rep forecasting does not seem to fair much better. Wouldn't it be nice to have accurate forecasts for a change!


The Insight Sales Process provides a new and accurate forecasting capability based on measuring and accessing customer feedback from the discovery process. Instead of logging this information as text into your CRM, here is a new process to consider:

  •       Define all insights of importance in your discovery process
  •       Weigh them accordingly
  •       Document the expected customer responses to these insights and assign a value proportional to their importance in moving the deal forward
  •       Create your forecast algorithm and normalize the insight response data. (Call us for help here, if you need any.)
  •       Make this easy for the rep to execute after calls and meetings. 30 seconds max! (Call us for help here if you need any. See our 33Sales Application)

You now have an automated an accurate forecasting process!


Use Insight Discovery Data™ to align value and strategy

Customer-centricity is by far the most important success strategy to embrace. It is equally imperative to ensure delivery into the sales workflow. By collecting Insight Discovery Data™ you now have the ultimate driver for value, content and strategy alignment.  


These are just a few ways that the Insight Sales Process can be leveraged improve your team's results. As you start collecting data from your discovery process you develop a foundational understanding of your customers and you now own the most valuable asset available to you. You can now add more value, create effective strategy, forecast with accuracy, manage sales effectiveness with clarity and will have created a process of continuous improvement in sales performance. Get started now! Download our eBook on the Insight Sales Process or call us. We are happy to share our experiences with you.



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