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Sales Process Improvement Drives Sales Performance

Posted by Robert Beckerman
Robert Beckerman
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Sales enablement is critical to your success – thing is – you first have to determine the right sales process for your company. Many companies find that they are focused on several areas including sales training, analytics, CRM, product innovation, inbound marketing, or lead generation. While these factors are important contributors to increasing sales productivity, they alone are not enough to drive success by delivering sales enhancement.

At Raybec, we have a very specific approach that is reflected in our definition of sales process and enhancement: We strive to consistently deliver value to our customers so that they appreciate us, trust us, and want to do business with us. Your definition must be customer-centric. It is essential for you to drive organizational success.

Delivering sales enablement

When you deliver your sales process, you must deliver value. To deliver consistent value, processes are needed to support your sales team that are organic and ongoing. These processes must allow your team to:

  1. Understand your prospect and customer’s needs, preferences, and attitudes
  2. Respond to those needs with relevant value
  3. Execute in a consistent way that is measurable
  4. Learn from the process and realize continuous improvement

Because the critical driver is truly understanding your key audience’s needs in the process, you should:

   - Define the feedback that is needed from your prospects and customers
   - Determine how and when your sales rep can uncover this feedback
   - See where marketing can support the collection of this feedback
   - Develop a framework for capture and analysis of your insight data
   - Use these customer insights to align with appropriate content and value

For effective sales process execution, define the experiences of value that you want to deliver – not what products and services you want to sell. Educate your customers, care for them, be in service to their needs and they will want to do business with you

A great example is from one of our clients, a staffing agency. They provide value to their key audience – people responsible for hiring, by educating and helping them make smart decisions when choosing a staffing agency. While they are providing this value to their customers, they are building trust and uncovering needs that will helps differentiate them and also enhances the the effectiveness of their proposals. This approach has increased their sales performance by 30%. And, they’re just trying to be helpful.

Better sales performance

The fastest way to accelerate your results is to start by having key stakeholders articulate their understandings of the sales process at your company. Then, moderate a discussion to create a common agreement on an inspiring customer-centric definition. Once that’s out the way, ask yourself these hard questions:

  •   - What value are we delivering?
  •   - How can we be consistent in delivering that value?
  •   - What sales support do our reps need?
  •   - What insights are to be collected?
  •   - How can we measure our success on the delivery of the process and on customer reaction to it?
  •   - Do we the data and process in place for continuous improvement? 

We suggest that you create a Sales Insight Discovery Program™ for your sales reps. This program should include call scripts, objection handling, contact plans, and the insights needed at each stage of the pipeline. This will be the blueprint for your reps to deliver a consistently valuable experience.  Interested in exploring this process? Start by taking the Sales Effectiveness Scorecard™ to see how you stack up in 10 key areas.


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