Compare your sales performance by opportunity stage.

We have collected a data set of proprietery information from over 2,500 companies. You can compare your sales stage conversion rates and see how your performance stacks up.


How does your team stack up:

  • New business generation conversion

  • Engagement success ratios

  • Call to meeting and meeting to proposal statistics

  • Are your closing ratios in line?

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See What Others Are Saying 
About Their New Sales Success


Sales success is a science. It requires disciplined analysis and planning, coupled with sharp execution. Here is a great process to help your team do well.

David Brock - President

Partners in Excellence

Now you can use key information from the discovery process to generate highly accurate forecasts.

Aaron Kotick - President

Fusion Learning Inc.

"The Raybec Insight Sales DIscovery Process™ is a complete solution that delivers unique advantages. Our sales people are excited to have a strong response to the new realities of the marketplace."

Glenn Hymers - Vice President Sales & Distribution

CST Consultants Inc.

“Our Insight Sales Discovery Program has given us a powerful new approach for creating sales effectiveness and the data to manage our progress. This is the most comprehensive sales process we have ever implemented."

David McCormick

President - Pivotal Staffing Solutions

"I recommend the Insight Sales Discovery Program to anyone looking to increase key account management and sales force effectiveness within their organization. They have been a wonderful partner in development."

Kelley James Senior Manager, Head of Sales and Marketing

Gilead Sciences

“The Raybec Program changed our sales calls into business conversations that deliver results. We now have a scalable process that builds relationships and increases performance.”

Steve Fleming - Vice President and General Manager

NEBS Payweb