Better Discovery. Accurate Forecasts. More Sales.

We take pride in what our work and it is reflected in the results that our clients have achieved.

Are you happy with your sales performance? Is there room for improvement. Isn't it time to optimize your sales process and develop metrics to ensure that it is being consistently delivered.

Our clients took the first step in achieving superior sales results by taking the Sales Effectiveness Scorecard. Then we reviewed the Raybec Insight Sales Strategies and how they capture customer feedback to be used in accurate forecasting, alignment of value and strategy and for sales effectiveness management.

Take a look at some of the testimonials from sales leaders that have transformed their process and are realizing the full potential of their businesses.

Inspiring words. Great results.


Sales success is a science. It requires disciplined analysis and planning, coupled with sharp execution. Raybec is a great parnter to help your team do well.

David Brock - President

Partners in Excellence


Raybec Insight Sales Strategies use key information from the discovery process to generate highly accurate forecasts.

Aaron Kotick - President

Fusion Learning Inc.

Barry Steinberg
I have worked with Raybec on various projects for 10 years, or so.  They have always combined sound process with creativity, never losing site of the objective.  When I discover a consultant like that, I keep coming back.

Barry Steinberg - Chief Executive Officer

Consulting Engineers of Ontario

Ilene Rosenthal
If you are an inbound marketer with a sales team that's under-performing, Bob is the leverage you need. Raybec's approach begins with sound thinking that takes you to the nth degree of tactical perfection. This breadth of skills is hard to find.

Ilene Rosenthal - Founder

White Space Marketing Group


"Raybec Insight Sales Strategies™ is a complete solution that delivers unique advantages. Our sales people are excited to have a strong response to the new realities of the marketplace."

Glenn Hymers - Vice President Sales & Distribution

CST Consultants Inc.


“Raybec Insight Sales Strategies have given us a powerful new approach for creating sales effectiveness and the data to manage our progress. This is the most comprehensive sales process we have ever implemented."

David McCormick

President - Pivotal Staffing Solutions


"I recommend Raybec to anyone looking to increase key account management and sales force effectiveness within their organization. They have been a wonderful partner in development."

Kelley James Senior Manager, Head of Sales and Marketing

Gilead Sciences


“The Raybec Program changed our sales calls into business conversations that deliver results. We now have a scalable process that builds relationships and increases performance.”

Steve Fleming - Vice President and General Manager

NEBS Payweb


“Raybec Insight Sales Strategies™ is our blueprint for new business development. It is an effective response to the new, harsh realities of selling.”

Charles Casey - Sales Manager



“Raybec is an essential part of our team. We really appreciate Raybec’s ability to define meaningful processes which have helped us to get the most out of our investments in sales, marketing, and IT.”

Daniel Theriault - President MD Private Trust

MD Financial


Bob’s carefully selected team enjoys what they do and absolutely relish in delight as they come up with their brilliant solutions. I recommend them as highly as I can.”

Dan Laemont - Director Marketing and Sales



“Raybec was quickly able to understand our sales processes and support them so that we could improve our efficiency and build up a knowledge base supporting continuous improvement.”

Daniel Labonte - Director, Retail Distribution

Stratos Wealth Management